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Chief Mahaska was a leader of the Iowa Indians in the early 19th Century. Mahaska was a fearless warrior who was never defeated in the frequent battles with neighboring Sioux and Osage tribes. But with the coming of the white man, Mahaska realized an adversary he knew he could not overcome. So Mahaska made peace and his friendship and honesty made him famous among the whites of the county, a county in Southeastern Iowa that today bears his name. Its also the name Kent Ostrem chose when he turned his passion for bow making into a business.

Each Mahaska bow is hand crafted by Ostrem himself, a bowyer who from the beginning has sought to build the highest quality bow at a price the average guy could afford. It's his strict commitment to quality that has placed Mahaska Bows at the top of the custom bow market.

When discussing custom bows Kent is quick to point out the importance of producing a top quality bow.

" There's a lot of good bow makers out there. But the fact is that once you get to the top of the market, you're going to find that all of those bows shoot well, and the differences that exist are largely a matter of personal preference. That's where the looks of the bow, the craftsmanship really comes into play."

"The next time you look at a laminated bow, hold it up to the light and look down the edge of the limbs. Is it smooth? Are there any open pores? How about file marks, or sanding scratches in the finish? How tight are the glue lines? If a bow maker doesn't do everything right they won't be in business very long. This is a competitive business and competition is good. I believe that the level of craftsmanship among today's established custom bowyers is at an all time high simply because traditional archers demand it. They're very quality conscience."

Mahaska bows are built one at a time, exactly to the customers specifications: grip size and shape, draw length, and draw weight. A wide selection of woods are available, twenty-eight handle woods in all, and six different limb cores. Mahaska bows are backed by a three-year warranty.

Quality and affordability. These are the qualities behind Mahaska Custom Bows.

Bob's caribou
Bob Butz took this caribou with a 62-inch Mahaska Flatbow.



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