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                For over 25 years Mahaska Custom Bows has produced top quality traditional bows. Each bow is hand crafted with the serious traditional bow hunter in mind.  The Mahaska is a true custom bow, no 2 bows are alike and each is built to your specifications with a wide selection of woods available.


                Our full line of custom made bows has stood the test of time.  Mahaska traditional recurve bows are noted for being the quietest recurves on the market.  The slender sleek lines of our smooth shooting longbows appeal to all traditional archers.  Mahaska flatbows have been the main-stay of the line, being our #1 seller.  


Thank you for visiting our website. Quality craftsmanship at a fair price is our goal.  All models have a full 3 year 100% warranty.  The workmanship of a Mahaska is guaranteed to be flawless.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to call.


Kent Ostrem
P.O. Box 1
Piñon, NM 88344



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